J-B Weld 8297 HighHeat 550 Degree Epoxy Putty Stick – 2 oz.

  • HIGHHEAT: Is a hand mixable epoxy putty stick specifically formulated to bond and repair materials that will be exposed to high temperatures in automotive and industrial maintenance applications.
  • COUNT ON US: For more than 40 years, our products have earned a loyal following from people who take pride in their work. With each product we innovate, we continue to provide the world’s strongest bond for your projects.
  • EASY TO USE: This industrial-strength product outperforms conventional epoxy putties at high temps and sets in 1 hour. After 8 hours,  it can be drilled, tapped, machined, ground, filed and painted.
  • VERSATILE & DEPENDABLE: Perfect for exhaust manifolds, mufflers, engine blocks, duct work & more. Tensile strength of 800 PSI. It is able to withstand heat exposure of 400ºF and intermittent to 550ºF.
  • DO IT YOURSELF: Big or small, you can DIY it with J-B. Our heavy duty adhesives repair & restore it right the first time. JB Weld delivers the legendary performance of the World’s Strongest Bond.
J-B Weld 8297 HighHeat 550 Degree Epoxy Putty Stick – 2 oz.