Drill America D/ACO Series Cobalt Drill Bit Set in Metal Case (13-115 Piece Set, 1/16″-1″, A-Z, 1-#80, 1.00mm – 13.00mm), Split Point, Gold Finish, Spiral Flute

  • Cobalt steel tools are similar to high-speed steel, but with more cobalt for improved performance when cutting harder metals such as stainless steel or nickel alloys
  • Gold oxide is a thinner oxide surface treatment than black oxide typically used to identify cobalt steel tools; performance is similar to uncoated tools
  • Round shanks allow use with a wide variety of toolholding systems
  • When run in a counterclockwise direction (right-hand cut) spiral fluted tools evacuate chips up and out of the cut to reduce clogging
  • 33 piece drill bit set comes in a metal case